About Our Farm

Our Mission:
We are committed to: 
  • Animal health and happiness. Our chickens live outdoors enjoying clean air and sunshine with bugs and fresh, green plants to eat. They eat more of our garden's heirloom veggies than we do!
  • Natural production methods. Our birds eat freshly and locally milled feed in addition to their pasture-and-garden diet. No chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones are ever administered or fed to our chickens!
  • Local production and consumption. By buying direct from small farmers, you keep your hard-earned dollars here in Florida and help support the local economy. Your dollars won't be supporting large corporations and commercial enterprises that treat their animals inhumanely. Your dollars really count! Spend them on high quality, locally grown, humanely treated animals!
  • Safety.  We maintain high cleanliness standards to ensure our eggs and chickens are disease-free.
  • Good stewardship. We believe we have a moral and ethical responsibility to be good stewards of our land and to raise our animals naturally and humanely. Our animals are treated with kindness, respect, and gentleness, and they are provided a safe and natural environment in which to live. 

About Us


We are an 11-acre family farm located in East Pasco County, Florida, near the town of Zephyrhills.


About Our Flocks


We raise Cornish Cross broiler chickens and approximately 9 breeds of hens. The Cornish Cross is the breed most commonly used for meat production in the US. We also raise broad-breasted white turkeys.


Diet: The birds scratch and forage for bugs, worms, and greens to eat. Their pasture diet is

supplemented with locally milled, fresh feed. Our feed is free from pesticides, animal by-products,

antibiotics, and hormones. Our chickens receive no medications or growth hormones

of any kind. 


Farm Practices


We process on our farm, and we sell directly from our farm to local consumers. 




Research shows that the result of raising poultry on pasture is meat that is naturally leaner and more tender than that of commercially raised birds. Pastured, truly free-range eggs are superior in color, taste, and nutrition to store-bought eggs! Learn more..


See for yourself!  Pastured, free-range eggs are on the right. On the left are commercially raised "free-range," "organic" eggs.













"Why the difference in color?" you might ask. It's the beta-carotene!!


Truly free-range eggs from pastured chickens have:


• 1/3 less cholesterol
• 1/4 less saturated fat
• 2/3 more vitamin A
• 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
• 3 times more vitamin E
• 7 times more beta carotene


than commercially produced eggs! See the Mother Earth News article here.