2019 off to an iffy start....

I'm sure our lives aren't as complicated and socially engaging as most people's. I mean we're busy on the farm but not busy like most people I read about or see on TV. But even being farm-type busy, the days just seem to go flying by. So far the new year has brought lots of food recalls due to various kinds of bacterial contamination and announcements that soon our meat supply will be grown in petri dishes in laboratories and be 'derived' from feathers (in the case of chickens) instead of coming from real animals. Interesting concept.

Technology certainly is changing our lives and I question whether much of the change is for the better. Growing meat in labs and tech facilities sounds good on paper or on screen for environmental reasons, but environmental concerns led to the development of such evils such as our Monsanto-controlled food supply, GMO foods, fertilizer- and pesticide-poisoned foods, and industrialized farming, where our animals no longer live on the land.

Will stem-cell 'meat' look like meat? Taste like meat? Have the same texture as meat? Hold together on the grill? Smell like meat? I can think of a myriad of questions to ask about the new 'pseudomeat,' but the most important one of all--will my human body recognize it as meat and be able to eat, digest, and utilize it like meat without making me sick or poisoning my body?

Somehow I end up feeling nervous about the whole concept, especially when I read that Tyson is jumping on board wholeheartedly. That automatically makes me suspicious. I figure that if it's good news for the industrial chicken industry, it's probably not going to be a good thing for humans who care about consuming healthy food!! (Maybe growing pseudo-meat in labs is cheaper than shipping chickens to China for processing. That's good news, right? Right??)

Sigh. I hope the rest of 2019 isn't as weird as it's beginning has been!! In the meantime, until real meat is no longer an option, we're still here on the farm, pasture-raising our chickens (and NOT eating their feathers).

Support your local farmer!

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